ZINE / Lahsaan Kobza – What Could Be Left?

BY: Ryan Sher / October 16, 2015
Video Lahsaan Kobza – What Could Be Left?

WOW! Subrosa pro Lahsaan Kobza has been on one this year! Full sections in the BLNTD and Shadow DVD’s and a handful of banging web edits combined with traveling all over the world from Estonia to Japan and back, he has been nonstop.

This is another banger from Lahsaan, and it’s all leftovers from his What Could Go Wrong? Hell yeah Lahsaan, Keep it going homie!

If Shadow rider Lahsaan Kobza’s “What Could Go Wrong?” section is any indication as to what a one time A Pro racer is capable of on the streets, then it’s clear that nothing stands a chance. From huge gaps to super tech lines, Lahsaan is able to shred anything on a BMX all while making it look silky smooth. A handful of LK footage didn’t make the final cut of the video and we thought it’d be a travesty if it never saw the light of day so check out “What Could Be Left?” from Lahsaan Kobza in this brand new edit! -Shadow