ZINE / Lahsaan down, but not out.

BY: Ryan Sher / February 8, 2011
Zine Lahsaan down, but not out.

On a recent G.U.T.I. trip from San Diego to Phoenix, some local riders should us a wild spot that included a lot of different set ups. One that stuck out to Lahsaan was an up rail to wall ride. Lahsaan sized it up, and fired it out with no hesitation, but it didn’t go as planned and he ended up jamming his foot straight into the wall. The slam moved his toe into a pretty unpleasant location, but after a hospital visit, and a gangster limp later he’s doing a lot better. He’ll be joining a few others from The Shadow Conspiracy on a roadtrip later this week. We’re working on a pretty rad zine from the trip, so look for that online soon.