ZINE / Kyle Hart on Subrosa.

BY: Ryan Sher / October 1, 2009
Zine Kyle Hart on Subrosa.


Word on this this leaked in a few places, but I’d like to welcome Kyle Hart to the Subrosa pro team. He has been repping Subrosa, and The Skeleton Crew since day 1! Kyle is a perfect example of how a flow team should work. You put in the effort on flow, and it should turn into something more. Not only does Kyle shred basically any spot in front of him, he’s cool as fuck off his bike too. Next time you see him go up and talk to him, congradulate him, ask him about his 2 top tubes,give him a beer,  or even talk shit, he’s game for it all. Above is a Subrosa ad that was in Ride US, Ride UK, Soul, and JYKK. Wild trick, and an awesome photo shot by Justin Kosman. Click below a little vid he put together for our Interbike booth. Big things to come from Kyle in the future for sure.

Kyle Hart from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.