ZINE / Ken, Chase, and the I.H. Crew!

BY: Ryan Sher / February 23, 2010
Skeleton Crew Ken, Chase, and the I.H. Crew!

Ken Wang, Chase Lee, and a bunch of the I.H. Bike Shop crew took a badass road trip recently, the only thing is, they were on scooters! If you remember a few weeks ago in Taiwan we wrecked Ken’s van. Well they were on holiday for Chinese New Year, and decided to roll out of town on their scooters, with the bikes strapped to them. I’m not talking little road trip either. They went to the South of Taiwan, and roundtrip was 800 kilometers! That’s 497 miles! Chase said they rode for over 10 hours straight on the way home. I can’t wait to go back, and do this trip with them.