ZINE / Keandre Lindo – Floridian Storms

BY: Ryan Sher / October 2, 2018
Video Keandre Lindo – Floridian Storms

Subrosa rider Keandre Lindo and Poiss Barbier got together to film and edit together and ran right up against a whole bunch of Florida rain storms. They got a decent amount of stuff, and some really good clips even with the weather, so check out this short but sweet edit now!

“In june 2017 I went to Florida to visit my friend Keandre Lindo & work on something with him. Sadly the 2 weeks I was there were the worst weeks of the year. It was raining most of the time, almost every single day.

We still managed to film some clips but on the last few days, Keandre broke his foot.

Back in France I did what I could with the footage but Keandre was not happy with his riding so we decided to not put the video out.

More than a year later, i’m still proud of what we did, specialy with the weather we had, so here is the “FLORIDIAN STORMS” video!” – Poiss Barbier