ZINE / Joris Coulomb – Stay Om

BY: Ryan Sher / May 4, 2020
Product Joris Coulomb – Stay Om

Subrosa pro Joris Coulomb puts together another awesome video. This time it was with Wes McGrath and Dig BMX to promote his signature Subrosa Om frame!

“In the times before our recent worldwide pandemic scare of the Covid-19 virus, we were all basking in the sunlit privileges of a free world, traveling and riding BMX anywhere and everywhere we could imagine. Sharing drinks, food or a simple handshake has now become a frightful sight for most… even punishable by law. So, while we wait for the quarantine to end, so we can all get back to our families, our friends, our travels and those healthy sessions we are all dreaming of once again; we bring you the peacemaker himself, Joris Coulomb, in his latest video promoting his signature Subrosa Brand “OM” frame!

Joris spent a month in Long Beach at the end of 2019 with our west coast main man, Wes McGrath, to enjoy the endless summer vibes California has to offer. Little did we know what was coming to us all soon after Joris left the states and this video was sealed but at least now, more than ever we remind you to, “STAY OM!”

Filmed and edited by Wes McGrath” – Dig BMX

The Joris Coulomb signature Om Frame and Om Forks are available worldwide now.