ZINE / Joris Coulomb Sosh Motion Video

BY: Ryan Sher / November 7, 2017
Video Joris Coulomb Sosh Motion Video

Check out the video from Subrosa pro Joris Coulomb for this years SOSH Motion contest. He took a hard slam early in the event, but still managed to get out a super creative, super awesome edit in the one week time limit!

“Joris a toujours été un rider que nous voulions inviter, c’est choses faite pour ce 6e SUM. Malgré
une chute le premier jour, Joris nous aura régalé avec son style & ses tire rides signature. Romain
Fel de son coté a assuré niveau réalisation.

We’ve always wanted to Invite Joris, this 6th & last edition of the SUM was the perfect occasion.
Joris felt hard on his head the first day but that didn’t stop him to kill the streets with his flow in
front of Romain Fel Smartphone.” – SOSH