ZINE / Joris Coulomb Balance Interview

BY: Ryan Sher / April 11, 2017
Zine Joris Coulomb Balance Interview

To follow up the AMAZING video from Joris’s trip to India, Dig BMX has dropped an awesome interview and photo feature about his riding, life and about his spiritual quest.

“Back when I was 12 I was skating and usually going alone to the main square in the city centre. One day a group of about ten BMXers showed up and started jumping in all directions. There was such nice group cohesion that it attracted me right away. It almost seemed like a team sport where each rider could express himself in his own manner, according to those natural and subtle rules that we all grow to learn through BMX; beauty, style, originality, danger, character, technique. Shortly after my parents got me my first BMX bike for my 13th birthday!”Dig BMX

Check out the full Balance video here.