ZINE / Jiri Blabol Video Bike Check!

BY: Ryan Sher / November 29, 2016
Bike Check Jiri Blabol Video Bike Check!

Subrosa rider Jiri Blabol has been rocking a Lahsaan Kobza signature Code frame for a while now, and on a recent trip, he had some time to put together some riding clips and a bike check together! CHECK IT OUT!

Thanks to Jiri and TBB for the video!

Frame: Subrosa Code
Frok: Subrosa Battle II
Bars: Subrosa Noster
Stem: Shadow Chula Upload
Grips: Subrosa Genetic Flangeless
Cranks: Shadow Killer Cranks
Pedals: Shadow Ravager
Sprocket: Shadow Serpent
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Seat: Subrosa Kyle Hart
Seatpost: Shadow Pivotal
Tires: Shadow Strada Nuova
Front wheel: Shadow Raptor, Shadow Corvus rim
Rear wheel: Shadow Raptor FC, Shadow Corvus rim
Pegs/guards: Shadow S.O.D Pegs, Shadow hubguards