ZINE / Japanese eating challenge!

BY: Ryan Sher / August 2, 2009
Zine Japanese eating challenge!

The food eating challenge is still in effect. We decided to try anything that was put down in front of us. The first person who decides not to try it, or can’t hold it down is out, repeat until there is one man standing. Food has included but not limited to, pig ears, giant mushrooms, whole eggs that were tiny and they wouldn’t tell us where they were from, and whole fish. I really can’t believe I ate a whole fish. That was the worst for me so far. Kyle seems to be the front runner, but no one is backing down. I think it’s gunna get a lot more difficult. Highlights of Day 1 include talking cigarette machines, rain, a wild little skatepark, Hoang gapping out of a park, and getting his passport back, and half price on all drinks at the bar we went to. Check out more pics…

BBQ Japanese style!

On the beach in the rain.

I wonder if it was Tupac or Biggie flavored?

Some fear that Hoang has an advantage in the eating challenge.

Now where do they sell the 2 girls?

The Mt.Dew made me smile more.