ZINE / Japan Family!

BY: Ryan Sher / January 28, 2014
Zine Japan Family!

Subrosa Brand Hideo Watanabe
I wanted to take a second and introduce the riders supporting Subrosa hard in Japan with the help of our distro JYKK. First up (Above) is Daichi Teshigahara, he’s 17 years old and the son of Showtalow who owns Matsui Cycle. He rides dirt, street, and kills in parks!
Next up is Hideo Watanabe, 22 years old, Kills the streets of his hometown of Tokyo and also rides for Cavs BMX!Check out an edit from Daichi and Hiedo below, it kicks ass!

Subrosa Brand Rim Nakamura
Next up is Rim Nakamura who is only 11 years old! This little dude rips up everything and anything in front of him. He’s also a rider for the infamous SxMxB Airlines Shop, and his dad, Kyoto is the owner of Hangout BMX Shop!
Subrosa Brand Daisuke "SxMxB" Yoshinaga
Last but not least is Daisuke “SxMxB” Yoshinaga! Japanese BMX legend and owner of SxMxB Airlines! We had the best time with Daisuke and his crew while we were in Japan. Thanks so much to JYKK, Cave BMX, SxMxB, and the riders for supporting Subrosa! Can’t wait to come back…
Subrosa Brand Japan