ZINE / Interview: Bobby Kanode

BY: Ryan Sher / January 27, 2014
Zine Interview: Bobby Kanode

Bobby Kanode - Subrosa
Bobby Kanode, aka Kanodie B, aka Classic Kanode, has an awesome interview over on the The Union where he talks about his new DVD Mediocre At Best, and also about becoming Subrosa’s new videographer.
Bobby Kanode - Subrosa
We’re really psyched to have Bobby on board with Subrosa full- time now! He’s been helping doing stuff for us for a little bit now, and we’ve been working towards this point. This is a huge for Subrosa as we are huge fans of Booby’s videos, and he’s already done some really awesome edits for us.
Bobby Kanode - Subrosa
Check below for a line up of the edits Bobby has put together for us so far, including the winning edit in the Woodward Shootout!