ZINE / Instagram shout outs!

BY: Ryan Sher / May 20, 2013
Zine Instagram shout outs!

Subrosa brand on Instagram
So, I’m sure many of you are on this already, but here the full deal. Our Instagram is sick! Tons of daily updates, riding photos, bike shots, behind the scenes pics, and much more. So many of you are interacting with us, that we miss some of your rides! So we’ve started a hashtag that is just for your Subrosa bikes!

#shoutoutmysubrosa (Shout out my Subrosa) is a place were you can post your bike, get comments and likes from other Subrosa fans, find other Subrosa fans, and also have a chance to be posted on our Instagram in an official shout out! It’s already got over 200 photos in it. Pretty sick! Feel free to share this photo too. We’ll be posting up official shout out at random, so make sure your photos look good!

Don’t forget #subrosabrand on all post Subrosa related!