ZINE / “In The Cluut”

BY: Ryan Sher / April 19, 2019
Video “In The Cluut”

Subrosa rider Emile Bouwman cruised over to the states from Amsterdam with a small crew of homies for Swampfest and a little American vacation. Check out the video from their trip including footage of Emile, and fellow Subrosa riders Trey Jones, Mark Burnett, Miguel Smajlj, and even Ryan Sher catches a clip.

“​The Cluut​ guys had planned to fly out to Florida for a very important Jean Claude Van Damme fan convention but soon as they saw Swampfest was on the same dates, they scrapped the weird little guy for some even weirder fun and extended their stay. Watch Emile Bouwman and the Cluut entourage sample Swampfest and then some more of Florida’s finest.” – Dig BMX