ZINE / I’m seriously happy to be alive.

BY: Ryan Sher / January 16, 2010
Zine I’m seriously happy to be alive.


Well tonight was a little crazy. Some how all five us in this van walked away. G.L. broke his foot, I got some stitches in my head, and Ken, Chase, and Ju all had minor scratches. So insanely lucky.

A car crashed in front of us, and we didn’t have any time to react before we t-boned it on the freeway going around 75mph. Our van smashed straight into car, and instantly flipped over and slid about 50feet.

I was sitting shotgun and when I look at this picture I get the chills. I have more pics, but I’m still a little shakey, and I want to lay down. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on our Facebook page, and thanks to someone or something for keeping us all safe in this wreck.