ZINE / GUTI: The Skeleton Crew Section

BY: Ryan Sher / December 2, 2013
Skeleton Crew GUTI: The Skeleton Crew Section

The Skeleton Crew section of “Get Used To It” is a banger, with a stacked rider list of past and present Subrosa Skeleton Crew team riders.
Representing different riding styles from locations all over the world, The Skeleton Crew section features riders Eli Platt, Greg D’Amico, Greg Smee, Boy Janssen, Rich Forne, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Ryan Sher, and Nick Bullen.
Also a huge thank you goes out to the band Corrupt Autopilot for the use of the song “Panda Blood” for providing the soundtrack to The Skeleton Crew section.
Buy their music now- Corrupt Autopilot Bandcamp

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