ZINE / Grip it & Rip it!

BY: Ryan Sher / June 17, 2013
Zine Grip it & Rip it!


Whether or not you run two Grave Digger tires, or just one in the front, you know the gripping power these tires have! The confidence these tires give you to carve tighter or turn more sharp in unreal. Subrosa Skeleton Crew riders Nick Bullen and Boy Janssen as well as Subrosa pro rider Kyle Hart are running dual Grave Diggers on every terrain they come across. Myself, Greg D’Amico and Mark Mulville are running a Grave Digger in the front and a Street Digger in the rear.

Subrosa Brand Street Digger

The Street Digger tires are absolutely amazing. Super smooth on cement and ramps, still with enough tread to ride trails or the local track! The idea for this tire was simple. After the success of the Grave Digger tire we wanted to do a matching set. That way you can run a knobby in the front, and a street tire in the rear, and still have them match. Also the grip of the Grave Digger was too strong to not try to replicate it in a street tire. Whatever your riding style is, we’ve got the tires you need. Black wall and Gum wall available now, with colors on the way…