ZINE / Greg Smee ad on EXPN.

BY: Ryan Sher / March 21, 2009
Zine Greg Smee ad on EXPN.

Subrosa’s last print ad is hard to ignore, but then again so is Greg Smee. First off, Greg rides for the Subrosa Skeleton Crew. Our flow team is just as important to us as the pro team, so it was obvious to me that they would have print ads too, not very many teams if any, push their flow guys like we do. Second, that’s Greg pet goat Hibachi. He found, and rescued him from a sewer. He hangs out and mows the lawn at the trails, and head butts all the dogs. Just a little different from the normal back cover of a BMX mag. I definitely love doing things a little different than normal with print, because I feel like it needs to jump out of the magazine at the reader. Not only has this ad jumped out to the reader, but in one magazine we ran it in it got censored. Can you guess which one?  Brian Tunney’s got a few interesting blogs going at the moment. Check out his EXPN blog where he talks about this ad, and pleeds for more goats in BMX. Check out some other photos from the same shoot after the jump.