ZINE / Greg D’Amico and FU5

BY: Ryan Sher / November 10, 2011
Skeleton Crew Greg D’Amico and FU5

“So what’s up dudes! It’s getting cold up here but we’re still making it work. HAHA,  everyones been working hard on getting their sections dialed in this month for BMX FU5 GUY STUFF. Saturday night was FU5 GUY STUFF premiere in Niagara Falls, can’t really say much about it I’m still kinda hazy about the whole night but it’s seemed everyone had on awesome time. Big thanks to Mike Samson over at Twisted Sticker for the FU banners and sick sticker packs at the door yeeeww! One of are local Photographer from NF Skatepark Aubrey Justin Jonah Smith, made this pretty dope video of the whole night. We’re already stacking for FU6, so go ride your bike and get off this computer. G.U.T.I.”- Greg D’Amico

Check out more pics, and the video below! FUFUFU…