ZINE / Get Used To It review by Kip Williamson

BY: Ryan Sher / June 14, 2013
Zine Get Used To It review by Kip Williamson

Kip Williamson did a pretty awesome Get Used To It review over at the Master Blaster web store. He’s also got some DVD’s left for sale, so pick one up today if you haven’t yet! Check the full review after the jump. The above Vine is from Catfish!

“Subrosa – Get Used To It” DVD reviewed by MASTER BLASTER PLANET.

Ryan Sher and Ryan Chadwick along with the rest of the Subrosa crew worked very hard for a long time to bring you the first Subrosa team dvd ever made. Get Used To It features tons of iconic street riding, with an ample amount of park footage, and Mulville provides the dirt action in this well crafted high quality video. The editing is on point and there’s a theme that works well from beginning to end. The 100% original soundtrack is refreshing, and covers a wide range of musical tastes. The music has just enough balance to take you on a trip with the Subrosa team that makes you feel like you’re right along with them giving high 5s and bro hugs at every spot. This video is straight forward without much downtime between sections and gets right down to business in a hurry! There are some nice slow motion replays of the banger moves and quicker moves you might have missed the first time around. Get Used To It is mostly in black and white which gives the video a cool vibe and has been Subrosa’s signature style since day one. From the beginning of the video to the ending credits, there are tons of of super cool tricks to see. Subrosa is here to stay, so get used to it! Read on for some highlights from this awesome video.

Lahsaan Kobza has the first part, and he sets the tone for the rest of the video. Lahsaan is a solid rider with a lot of tricks landing fakie… wall rides, gaps, and tech tricks like ice pick grinds to hard 180s out… but my favorite trick of his was a manual to huge 180 over a nice size gap which left my jaw on the floor. Like the rest of the Subrosa team, Lahsaan is not scared to hit massive gaps either!

Joris Columbo is a rider that hits everything with speed and a commanding presence. His first line in his part is a nose wheelie on a ledge, followed by a tailwhip bunny hop, ending with a truck driver down a set of 8 stairs! Joris does almost every type of street trick possible including crank flips, 360s, tailwhips, crank arm grinds, etc. Watching Joris is like playing a video game where every type of trick is possible… but he’s doing it in real life! One of my favorite tricks in his part was a stylish manual to tailwhip on a tall ledge. This part really needs to be watched 4 or 5 times to begin to comprehend what’s going on… and that’s impressive in itself!

Scott Ditchburn showed off his well rounded skills by hitting tons of obstacles with agression and smoothness. Scott had some of the most difficult lines in the entire video, including a grind up a handrail to 180 across the gap to the other ledge (steps inbetween) to 360 off the end of the other side. Scott is the 540 gap king and he has no problem landing fakie over lots of interesting set ups. Scott also has no problem riding fakie to 180 bunny hop over a bike rack… serious hops! In addition to all of these sick tricks, Scott busts out x up grinds to 180s off and throws down a few huge gaps of his own! Scott’s section ends with a rail to clean 360 off!

Kyle Hart is an interesting dude with even more interesting tricks. Watching Kyle reminded me of watching an old dirt brother’s video. Kyle likes to go fast and jump huge gaps and he definitely has the boost! Kyle will fast plant just about anything in his way, and look good doing it. High speed feeble grind to no hander (tall ledge), wall rides galore, huge no handers down too many stairs, and even a few tech tricks to show variety. Kyle has a style all his own and his section was definitely unique and fun to watch!

Mark Mulville has an all trails section in this video that won’t dissapoint his fans. Mark boosts super high and does a lot of tricks other riders don’t do. He has a great mix of style and tricks including lots of supermans, no footed cans, as well as pendulums. My favorite trick was his bar spin to superman fully stretched. Mark is a black belt on the trails and can throw down 3 variations fully clicked in a singal jump. I would have liked to have seen Mark ride park and street because I know he’s such a good all around rider, but the rest of the guys give you more than enough street in this video.

Simone Barraco is a rider that can do it all. Sure he can kill it at the park, but have you seen this dude ride street? He’s an amazing rider and does super tech tricks while making them look almost effortless! Nose wheelie up…. then down the ledge (going straight). Simone has tailwhips on lockdown too so he can do them out of grinds whenever he wants. One of the most impressive things he did was a hang 5 up onto a ledge, then bunny hops down and lands still in a hang 5, which I’ve never seen done before. Simone is definitely a rider who can hang with the most tech street riders on the planet! Another section you have to watch multiple times to begin to comprehend the moves he’s putting down.

Hoang Tran… what else can I say but EXPLOSIVE! While Simone and Joris have the most difficult tricks technically speaking, Hoang’s section was my favorite! If you’re not familar with Hoang, he has in intense and refreshing style that gets you pumped like few video sections have ever done! The music went perfectly with his riding and his section had the perfect mix of speed, style, difficulty, and variety. Hoang seems energized at all times and goes 100mph at everything in site! Huge gaps and tech tricks galore. Too many banger tricks to name! In my opinion Hoang’s section really stood out not only because of his riding, but it just had that something extra you really can’t put your finger on… which is probably why he had the last part. In my opinion Hoang really encompasses what Subrosa is all about.

If you like street riding… buy this video! It’s as simple as that! This video is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time and captures street riding in it’s rawest and purest form. It’s a video you’ll want to watch over and over. Subrosa took their time putting this video together, and it shows! Best of all, this video will motivate and inspire you to ride your own bike. After all, isn’t that the best thing a video could do?

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Thanks Kip! Here’s Master Blaster’s link to buy Get Used To It on DVD.