ZINE / GET USED TO IT (Full Video)

BY: Ryan Sher / December 30, 2013
Video GET USED TO IT (Full Video)

2013 was huge year for Subrosa! Kicking it off right with the world premiere of “Get Used To It” at Simple Session 13 in Estonia. Over 20 premieres around the world quickly followed, and the response from riders and fans was awesome!

GUTI was a long project, but we learned a lot from it, and the result was still exactly what we wanted to produce. A full-length DVD that represented our brand and our attitude about BMX.

Just about a year, and 2 Nora Cup nominations later we wanted to release the video online for everyone who hasn’t seen it to check it out, and for anyone who loved it to share with their friends.

Everyone worked so hard on this project, and I’d like to thank all the riders for going in on there sections, any shop that hosted a premiere and purchased DVD’s, all the filmers who helped, the bands for the music clearance, and Ryan Chadwick for editing it all together.