ZINE / Get Used To It available now!

BY: Ryan Sher / April 17, 2013
Zine Get Used To It available now!

Such an awesome feeling having Get Used To It available to the public. We’ve had over 20 premieres for it so far, with more coming around the world, and the response has been great. Shops are selling out of DVD’s across the country and that’s great news! It’s great to have support from riders on projects like this because so much hard work went into this. This is also important, because DVD sales help us create more DVD’s, edits, and downloads of our riders for you to enjoy. It will also help our team travel, and increase the chance of us coming to a shop, park, or spot in your town. That’s just not for Subrosa either, by continuing to support BMX videos and not pirating them onto the internet it helps us and other brands to continue to produce more videos, downloads, and edits for you to enjoy.

Subrosa Brand Get Used To It DVD
We decided to do both a DVD and a Digital Download for Get Used To It to simply make the video more accessible to everyone. DVD’s are great, and I was raised on VHS and DVD’s from all types of brands, but with the new technology that’s available we can get GUTI out to every corner of the world where riders may not have a local shop anywhere near them. Also it’s just quick and easy for people who may just not want a bunch of DVD’s around. You can load it onto any iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and even some video game consoles via a USB thumb drive. We just really ask that you support the Subrosa riders, and BMX DVD’s and videos from any brand working hard to release good video content.
Subrosa Brand Get Used To It DVD
The DVD’s are available now around the world in shops, mail-orders, and The Subrosa Corner Store. The Digital Download is only available in the “Video Section” of The Subrosa Corner Store, and again we ask that you support the riders and keep this offline.
We did our part as well by supporting the bands with the music we used. We made sure we did this by clearing, licensing, and even commissioning new music for the video. Check out these bands for some new music!

Ace High Cutthroats


Ruby the Hatchet


Corrupt Autopilot

The Sword

All My Friends

Paul Gurvitz

Strange Hands