BY: Ryan Sher / March 1, 2013

Subrosa Brand Get Used To It
It’s been a long road, but a road I’d drive down again and again with the Subrosa team! I’m very proud to announce that we’ll be premiering the highly anticipated first full-length video from Subrosa at Simple Session 13! Simple Session is one of the most anticipated contests of the year, and we couldn’t be happier to sponsor the contest, and premiere the video along with all the events that happen during the weekend.
G.U.T.I. features full sections from Hoang Tran, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Mark Mulville, Kyle Hart, Joris Coulomb and The Skeleton Crew!
The editing for the video has been handed off to Ryan Chadwick, and I seriously can’t believe how well he is representing the riders, their efforts, and Subrosa as a whole. I can not wait to show the world this video!
We will be releasing more dates for more worldwide and U.S. premieres soon, along with info on when the video will be for sale. G.U.T.I. will be released as a digital download and on DVD for those that want to add to their video collections.
Thanks to everyone involved, and if you’re at Simple Session 13 be ready to get loose! Here is the final trailer from Get Used To It. Fuck yes!