ZINE / GET CLOSE TO IT!: Salvador Street

BY: Ryan Sher / October 15, 2010
Zine GET CLOSE TO IT!: Salvador Street

Here’s a new feature we’re going to be doing on our site. Basically “Get Close To It” is going to feature some of the details on our 2011 Complete bikes. This week’s Get Close To It is on our forged Hold On stem and investment cast headtube.

This stem is a forged replica of our after market Hold On stem. It shares the same great features, geometry, and strength.It has a 2 piece front cap with embossed Subrosa logos. It also has a small bore hole on the inside to keep the outside looking clean, and to reduce weight.

The headtube is made from a process called investment casting. It’s an amazing way to do parts with tons of details and specs that would cost too much to CNC machine. This has the same weight and strength as a machined headtube, has an awesome embossed Subrosa logo, and is gyro tab ready.

It’s has a sealed integrated headset, and has light machining on the inside surface where the bearings sit, so they’re flush and smooth.

You’re local shop or favorite mail order has these in stock now!