ZINE / GET CLOSE TO IT: Subrosa Posi Trac Hubs & Guards

BY: Ryan Sher / May 10, 2013
Zine GET CLOSE TO IT: Subrosa Posi Trac Hubs & Guards

Subrosa Brand Posi Trac Hubs

The Subrosa Posi Trac hubs have been out for a little bit now and the reviews have been awesome. From the riders we had test them to riders buying them in shops are reporting they are super smooth and super reliable. I’ve been running the same sample hubs for a while now, and can also say that these things are sick! Check out more info and photos below, and also a video of how to change the rear Posi Trac hubs from right hand drive to left hand drive.

The Posi Trac Front Hub

Subrosa Brand Pozi Trac Hubs

The Posi Trac front hubs are build around a 14mm chromoly center axle with 3/8″ bolts. Basically it’s a female style hub for 3/8″ forks. The bolts accept either a 17mm socket or opened ended wrench, or a 6mm allen wrench. Two high quality sealed bearings help this hubs spin fast and smooth. The machine work on the hubs and collars is top notch and was designed to have a real rounded, super clean look. 36 hole only, and available in Money Green, Polished, Gloss Black, and Gloss Red.
The Posi Trac Front Hub guard is designed for the Posi Trac hub only. It simply replaces one/ or both of the collars so it doesn’t make the hub any wider. This ensures a perfect fit in you forks. It is also made with Death Proof Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly for less denting, less ware, and less resistance while grinding! These are sick!

Subrosa Brand Posi Trac hub Guard
The Posi Trac Rear Hub
Subrosa Brand Posi Trac Rear Hub
The rear Posi Trac hubs is where the rear action is. Built to handle so much use and abuse while looking super good while doing it. The 6061 Aluminum body is designed to be smooth and super clean just like the front hub. The collar is machined to complete the round look to the hubs. 2 high quality sealed bearing keep this hub rolling smooth and fast!
We went with the tried and true SDS system. That simply means this hub can be set up as a right or left hand drive. Not that you will really be switching back and forth, but more for the initial set up on your bike. If you do decide to switch at some point the system can be changed at anytime. The whole thing weighs in at 17.2oz
Subrosa Brand Rear Hub Guard
The Posi Trac rear hub guard is the same set up as the front hub guard. It simply replaces the collar, so it won’t widen the hub at all. This is very important for rear wheel alignment, and will help keep your wheel in place and not prone to moving while riding. You never want to spread a frame open to make a hub fit. It’s full Death Proof Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly so it won’t bend, dent, or ware down fast like aluminum ones. It also won’t slow down your grinds, or leave aluminum chunks on your favorite fast rail.
The Posi Trac Hubs in all colors and both Hub Guards are in shops and mail orders right now!
Check out a little How To video on how to swap your right hand hub to left hand drive.