ZINE / GET CLOSE TO IT: Pandora Forks

BY: Ryan Sher / November 22, 2011
Zine GET CLOSE TO IT: Pandora Forks

I’m really psyched on the Subrosa Pandora forks, so I wanted to go over some of the features and details in this  “GET CLOSE TO IT”. Forks are scary, if you think about it, your life depends on them. These forks have far surpassed the test of time, with the entire Subrosa pro team running them and having ZERO issues with them. We’ve also offered 2 different offsets 24mm 0r 30mm for years now. This way you can fine tune the steering and pop of you bike to what you like the best. Check out more pics an all the specs and details to these forks below.

^ Drop outs are key in a good fork design. They need to look good, and function well. The Pandora dropouts are smooth and wrap around a peg perfectly. They are thin, 4mm, to cut down on the weight. We’re able to use a thin dropout because they don’t hang below a peg, and they’re heat treated. This way they won’t bend, or get hung up on grinds.  The legs on the Pandora forks have a slight taper to them and meet up super clean with the dropout with a big solid weld around both sides. The drop outs and forks on our 24mm and 30mm offset forks are just about the same look wise. The 24mm offest will give you a much quicker steering option, and will shorten the wheel base of the bike, witch some riders say helps with the pop of their bike. The 30mm offset is a more traditional feel.

^ The 1pc machined steer tube has a built in headset race, so get that hammer away from these things! You bottom bearing will easily slide right on. We cut a Subrosa shield into the fork for looks, and so you could still use a front brake if you wanted to. More for looks obviously but the choice is yours. We rounded the bottom of the steer tube to flow with the curve of your tire, and so there would be no sharp edges to potentially hurt your toes during foot jams. The Pandora uses bigger tubing at the top of the fork legs to get the maximum surface to weld around. We wanted a large, solid area to weld to ensure the strength of this junction.

^ Another feature we added to the Pandora Fork was the “Eazy-cut Guides” we also have on our Pandora Bars. These guides help cut straight and accurately through the steer tube for the people that want a more custom stack height. This way you don’t have to run any spacers. We also started the threads for the compression bolt lower that way if you do cut the forks down using the guides you will not cut through and damage the treads. You’ll notice the black steer tube, that because all Pandora Forks are E.D. coated to protect against rust.

^ The top cap is pretty standard. A nice concave design at top and lasered logo. It takes a 6mm allen wrench. We did make the center of the cap 8mm thick to avoid any stripping or rounding of the allen hole. These are not meant to be cranked down, but some how always are, so ours is built for the worst. Here’s the full spec on out Pandora Forks.

  • Ryan Sher signature design
  • 24mm or 30mm offset
  • 100% post weld heat treatment
  • Anti-rust ED coating
  • 4130 Sanko chromoly butted and tapered tubing
  • 4mm thick dropouts, 3/8″ only
  • matte black, matte white, matte blue, matte red,
    chrome, matte army green, matte blue/black splatter, matte army green/black splatter