ZINE / GET CLOSE TO IT: Diablous frame

BY: Ryan Sher / August 24, 2011
Zine GET CLOSE TO IT: Diablous frame

This is kind of a hybrid “GET CLOSE TO IT/ Bike Check”. Everyone’s favorite frenchman and Shadow Conspiracy artist Arnaud (pronounced Ar-no) sent over some photos of his new Diablous built up, with some rad detail shots. So here’s Arnaud’s bike check and a closer look at some of the Diablous details like the custom Subrosa designed wishbone, and built in chain tensioners. Check out all the photos below.

^ Here’s the Diablous custom engraved headtube with the Subrosa Crest and Trip logo, custom TT and DT gussets, and a look at the clean mounts for the removable gyro tabs and cable guides. The Diablous has a 75° head tube.

^This is our custom Subrosa wishbone. It’s short and stout for strength. It also tapers out towards the bottom bracket so it can have a wide surface to weld to and have extra “side to side” strength. The bottom bracket is smooth and thicker on the bottom so it doesn’t hang up on grinds, and also won’t dent. We added a Subrosa Crest logo to the back of the wishbone because you can never have enough Subrosa logos. The Diablous has an 11.6″ B.B. height and the rear end fits the widest tires.

^Here is the new custom Subrosa dropouts. They are hollow 6mm dropouts with a built in chain tensioner. Miles wanted a small dropout that didn’t hang up on grinds, but one that would hold up to a lot of abuse. This dropout does both and with the easy to use chain tensioners built it adjust you wheel is easy and fast.  The adjusting bolt is short so it does get hung up on anything. We also used an open end cap for a tech look and a small weight reduction.The Diablous also has tapered seat and chainstays.

^The chain tensioner is basically hidden when installed. The bolt can also be cut down if you want it fully hidden.

^ Miles wanted a taller frame for more stability, so the Diablous has a 9.25″ standover height. You can also see the clean removable brake mounts, and an example of a wide knobby tire easily fitting in the rear end. The Diablous has a standard Mid BB. Easy to find bearings and easy to work on.

^ Arnaud’s bike all built up with Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy parts. Looking forward to haing Arnaud out in the U.S. pretty soon. For all the details, specs, and additional colorways check out the Diablous HERE. Available everywhere in the world now.