ZINE / GET CLOSE TO IT: 2012 Arum Completes

BY: Ryan Sher / February 20, 2012
Zine GET CLOSE TO IT: 2012 Arum Completes

It’s time for another “Get Close To It”. This time around we’ve got the 2012 Arum complete Street and Dirt models. Click on in, and check out all the special features, colorways, details and custom designed parts and components that make the Arum completes one of my favorite bikes in the line.


The Arum street features a 4130 Chromoly top and downtube, with a sealed integrated headset and removable brake mounts. The Arum’s forks are tapered with a chromoly steer tube and an integrated bearing race. The front of the bike is topped off with 8.5″ full chromoly bars and a custom forged Subrosa “Hold-On” stem.

The parts package on the Arum features a lot of new parts from Rant. We went with the full chromoly,  heat treated 3 piece cranks, 36 hole Rant wheels with a semi sealed rear cassette hub, and Rant u-brakes.

Any parts package is a real parts package until you add some Shadow Conspiracy parts to it. The Arum is spec’d with a set of Shadow Ravager PC pedals, Solus Mid seat/post combo & Finger Banger grips.

When we say “dirt” and “street” we don’t mean that you can only ride these bikes on these terrains, it’s simply the way we spec our bikes. For example, the Arum Dirt and Street only have a few parts changes that don’t affect the performance of the bikes, they just are styled a little towards each riding style. Our Dirt models feature a taller standover height, a top load stem, and a knobby front tire. Our Street models feature a front load stem, mid seat, and street tires front and rear.

The bikes weigh in at 25.8lbs which is very light for the strength and durability you get with the Arum complete.