ZINE / George talks about his Cerebral Palsy

BY: Ryan Sher / June 18, 2019
Video George talks about his Cerebral Palsy

This is our friend George, AKA Cerebral Palsy BMX Rider. In this very different BMX video, George took the time to talk about his condition and how it affects him and many others on a daily basis. He talks about his riding, and the struggles he has with it, but also talks about the joys it brings him, and the positive affect bike riding has on him. Please take a minute to watch this video with your undivided attention. We are very proud of George, and we are honored to have such a true badass supporting, and representing us.

His message is very simple…

“I’m a BMX Rider with Cerebral Palsy. I’m here to share my story and motivate others and show anything is possible. All it takes is belief in yourself” George Galyo AKA Cerebral Palsy BMX Rider