ZINE / G.U.T.I. premiering tonight!

BY: Ryan Sher / March 15, 2013
Zine G.U.T.I. premiering tonight!

Subrosa Brand Get Used To It

Featuring full sections from Hoang Tran, Simone Barraco, Kyle Hart, Scott Ditchburn, Mark Mulville, Joris Coulomb, Lahsaan Kobza and The Skeleton Crew. The first of many worldwide premieres will be held at Simple Session 13! G.U.T.I. will cap off the day of practice, and kick off the Friday night festivities…

Subrosa Brand presents the World Premiere of “Get Used To It”

Friday, March 15th @10:30pm

Soprus Kino (Movie theatre next to Mystic BMX)
Vana-Posti 8, 10146
Tallinn, Estonia

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