ZINE / G.U.T.I. Premieres!

BY: Ryan Sher / April 6, 2013
Zine G.U.T.I. Premieres!

Subrosa Brand Get Used To It
Alright everyone! You’ve seen the trailers, commercials, ads, and heard it talked about for years now and I’m so psyched to announce that our first full-length DVD “Get Used To It” is done! The video will be available on DVD and as digital download.

If your local shop is having a premiere they will have DVD’s available for purchase at the premiere! All other Subrosa dealers and shops will have DVD’s available next week as they arrive. The DVD’s are shipping now.

The digital download version will be available starting at 12pm (EST) Monday, April 15th on The Subrosa Corner Store. You will receive an email after the purchase is complete with the instructions and a download link.

Friday April 12th

Mr Bikes N Boards (Hosted by Mark Mulville)
Orlando, Florida
Parking lot jam @5pm- Dark, Video @8:30pm
After party at Kerryman’s

Albes BMX (Hosted by Nick Bullen)
Detroit, MI @7pm

Ramp Riders
St. Louis, Mo @8pm

Ratking Bikes
Orem, UT @8pm

Saturday April 13th

Grindlab Skatepark
Camp Hill, PA @9pm (Trail Jam during the day)

Ed’s Bike Shop
Vineland, NJ @2pm

Daily Grind
Danielson, CT @7pm (Food, Beer, Giveaways)

Cranx (Discounted BMX Session)
Syracuse, NY @7pm

Now That’s Class (Free Entry)
Cleavland, OH @7pm

Angry Penguin
Johnson City, TN @7pm

Maul’s Bike Shop
Halifax, Ma @6pm

Pusher (Hosted by Eli Platt)
Denver, CO @8pm

Gordy’s Bike Shop (Hosted by Lahsaan Kobza)
Phoenix, AZ
Jam starts @4pm, Video @6pm

Goods BMX
Portland, OR @5pm

Circuit BMX
Pawtucket, R.I. @7:30pm

Local BMX
Burlington, MA @6:30pm

Shakespeare’s Pub Presented by Empire BMX
Austin, TX @9pm ($5 Liquor Pitchers)

Rad Rides Bicycle Shop
San Antonio, TX @9pm

Sunday April 14th

True Wheel BMX
Council Bluffs, IA @5pm

Friday April 19th

Oakley, CA @4-7pm

Waalhalla Skatapark Presented by Soulcycle BMX
Nijmegen, Netherlands Jam @6-8pm, Video @8pm

Pure BMX
Seynod, France @7pm

Sunday April 20th

Drakstaden Skate Park presented by Rite.se
Sundsvall, Sweden @8pm

Saturday April 26th

The Garden
Pittsfield,MA @7:30pm)

Sunday April 28th

All Day Bmx Shop
Mexicali, Mexico @8pm

There will be more info and more shops added to this list for sure, so keep checking back. Also like I said, if you don’t see your local shop on the list, hit them up today to get them signed up!