ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday (Guest Edition)

BY: Ryan Sher / December 16, 2011
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday (Guest Edition)

So this week we have a special guest edition of FPF. I get tons of requests to submit photos for this weekly feature and I turn them all down instantly, but when Tristen Afre hit me up this morning it was a obvious “Hell Yeah!”  The other thing that makes this edition of Five Photo Friday so special is the fact that Tristan sent seven photos. Hahah, have a look, and see some of Tristan’s favorite Subrosa pics below…

^ Earlier this year, Scott Ditchburn tagged along with Mike Mastroni & Charlie Crumlish on a short trip to Texas.  I met up with the dudes their last day in town to shoot a pretty wild maneuver with Mastroni at this tree spot. Here, Spliffburn takes a break from rolling up to stand-in for a light test.

^ Sher’s ride was lookin clean as hell on the Texas Toast trip, so I really tried to make that chrome POP. While I was shooting this bike check on a random street corner in Austin, Chadwick was scrapping the top of the rental van in a parking garage! haha!

^ Kyle dialing in his 29 spoke rear wheel in a ditch in Houston.

^ Originally deemed too dangerous, the Subrosa Shield stands ominously during installation on the grounds of the Texas Toast jam.  Despite initial concerns, it was a huge hit and saw a ton of wild moves go down.

^ As much as I wanted this photo to work, I only shot it from here because it was in the shade.  The angle in the sun ended up being run as the opening to Subrosa’s section in the current Sparky’s Distribution catalog.

^ Hoang & Smee taking a break in the shade at a famous Austin street spot

^ All I can say about this day was that Lahsaan went HAM.  He got like ten clips & three photos in the span of only a few hours.  Its so sick seeing someone with that kinda work ethic while still having the most fun.  Still from a railhop to manual sequence in Atlanta.