ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / January 27, 2012
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

The two best things about Friday are the fact it’s Weekend Eve and Five Photo Fridays! Here’s this weeks installment. Throwbacks, new ones, party pics, and even a nac nac… Peep the photos below.

^ I love this one! It was taken at the Into the Void video premier. It’s seem like I was on another level, but I didn’t realize I was about to blast off to Party Planet! I was rockin some Jordan V’s and they have 3M reflective material on the tongue. Combine that with a flash and I was out! Can you spot all the pros in here? There’s atleast 4. Orlando, FL 2008

^ Never an explaination needed when Eli Platt is the subject. Bigger than you wall ride shot by Ryan Fudger. Ohio circa 2007

^ I took this photo of Johnny Devlin on a trip to Boston a while back. I couldn’t figure out if I wanted the Luc-e or the tooth in the photo, so I shot both and poorly laid them over each other. I also blew the angle. I was learning though. Boston, Ma circa 2010

^ Subrosa pro Kyle Hart is probably know mostly for his street riding, but some of my favorite moves from his are on ramps. Here Kyle rips a super steezy 1 foot tabes like we all wish we could. The trick is so good that it almost makes up for that shirt! Hahaha! Photo by Josh Hayes, San Francisco, Ca Circa 2007

^ There no question the Nac is back, but did it actually leave? I do feel bad, but I can’t remember the kids name who shot this Nac nac of mine. I’m totally drawing a blank. Sorry guy. Mesh Skatepark circa 2010