ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / December 30, 2011
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

It’s Friday! Hope the holiday season is going well for all of you! Here’s a new FPF for you, with shots from our trip to Arizona earlier in the year. See tham all below…

^ Boy Janssen is the man! He came to the states last year and chilled hard for a minute. While he was here we took a trip out to AZ and he obviously got the invite. this is a pretty awesome ditch, but it’s deadly. The concrete is so brutal it could shred a man like a block of fine Tilamook Cheddar. Hence the name The Cheese Grater Ditch. Arizona 2011

^ Mark Mulville portrait. Deck Park, Az 2011

^ Greg D’Amico is our brother from a Canadian mother. He shreds everything from street, to dirt, to Honda commercials. I was just playing with some settings on the camera and accidentally caught this bar right before Greg caught that bar. Deck Park, Az 2011

^ Coming from a racer background is obvious when you watch Lahsaan Kobza ride. So much steez, mixed with speed and insane bike control. It also means he ain’t scared of a little dirt. Backyard Turndown. Phoenix, Az 2011

^ Subrosa is all about teamwork. Here Kyle HArt helps out behind the lens while the Homie Loofa shots stills behind him. Phoenix, Az 2011