ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / December 9, 2011
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

Randomness of all kinds in this edition of FPF. Japan, Hoang, Greg Smee, and one of the best 1 foot tabes! Take a closer look below…

^ Where to start with this one? I love Greg Smee! This was shot for an ad in front of the Casselberry house where Greg lived at the time. Greg also had a pet goat named Hibachi. See the weave on the wall. That actually got ripped off some girls hair in a fight. Another random fact, the word “Fuck” on the a/c unit had to be censored out in Ride Magazine. This is still one of my favorite ads, and it even got a write up on ESPN.

^ Hoang new of this pool for a minute but for some reason we didn’t go to it right away. When we finally did we realized we had been blowing it. The house was under repair and one of the construction crew was a skateboarder. They were going to re-do the pool anyway, so if nothing at the house got damaged he let people ride and skate the pool. We got a lot of good photos from this pool, and this was one of them. I can’t remember if Ryan Fudger or Dirt Ron shot this. It was one of them though.

^ This bad boy came from the legendary Ricky Adams! It was on a trip we did while in England for Brighton Ain’t Ready. The reason we did a trip was simply Brighton had been shut down! We were the last team to visit the house, and every spot we rolled up to we would get a list of who did what on it. We decided with the help of Seventies that we would rent a van and camp around the South of England for a wee. Ricky came along to cover the camera work. Awesome trip!

^ Kyle Hart is a goofy footed bastard. Here he puts his crooked feet to work on a baby quarter. Who would think that you could air off a 3 foot quarter over a bunch of Japanese fisherman higher than Mothra! Ryan Fudger behind the camera in the sweltering heat. Japan was awesome, Kyle is awesome, and Ryan Fudger is awesome. Mothra not so much.

^ This might be one of the reasons why Japan isn’t too psyched on tourists visiting the Island of Itsukushima. The dear are not afraid of people, and they are everywhere. I love acting like an adult.