ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / November 18, 2011
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

Damn! It’s already Friday, and that means it’s time for another edition of FPF or Five Photo Friday. I’m psyched on this one. It’s got some oldies in it again, but we also have one of my all time favorite BMX photos! Check out the photos below and find out which one I’m talking about…

^ This one is from around 2008 or so. It’s Hoang, and was shot by our homie Josh Hayes in San Diego. I’m pretty sure we ran this as a print ad too. I like it because it was such a fun set up. You had to bump jump up the stair set on the other side to get enough speed to hop this set.

^ Adults only. This was in Phoenix sometime in 2009 and it was my first renegade! I was psyched. Also note I’m wearing white party pants, Billy is routing me on, and Charleton Barkley is behind the watermark. This is The Dagger Zone.

^ Lahsaan Kobza when he first started get hooked up by us. I think this is another photo from Josh Hayes, and was taken in the Junkyard around 2010.

^ Well here we have it. Kyle Hart with his rear peg grab. This has had a few names, but I can’t remember what he officially calls it. The photo was labeled “Suicide Shifter”. This is seriously one of my all time favorite photos. Justin Kosman shot it. I love everything about it. Look how chill Kyle is in the middle of a huge gap with his hand on his back peg. This was a print ad in a few magazines for us.

^ Portrait shot by Chip Riggs for our 2010 Complete Bike catalog. We were real happy with how these head tubes turned out, and we wanted to feature some of the details and custom thing we did to our completes. We used photos like this throughout the catalog and they looked rad!