ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / March 16, 2012
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

Dear Friday,

I love you. Here is five random photos. You complete me.


^ Hoang Tran blasting the hell out of of a park in Japan. He almost went too high and hit the bridge, but Hoang can handle moves like this. Japan 2009

^ Sample photo of the Subrosa Lock we were working on around 2009 or so. We got a few samples made, but the final price ended up being the death of he project.

^ I was on a roadtrip in the Southeast somewhere in 2007 and I came out of the hotel to this. I found out that this was a group from The Bandit Run. It’s a drive from Texas to Georgia along the same route that was used in Smokey and the Bandit. Throughout the rest of the day I saw about 500 Trans Ams! USA 2007

^ Oh man! A few years back Kink did a demolition derby, and since I rode for them, I call dibs! I got to do it both years they hosted one. The photo above was the first one which must have been 2004 or so. I went with a full Larry Bird paint job and end up second to Derrick Girrard in the FBM car. Way too much fun! New York 2004

^ This is the homie Nate Declaudio. We shot this at the legendary Handford House in San Diego. Full on BMX/ Party/ Good Times house for sure. The ramp in the back yard got ridden every single day. On this day we were bored so we we doing all kinds of random shit on it. By the end of this afternoon Nate was fully duct taped to his bike and we pushed him in the quarter and he pulled it. One of many “Best Days Ever”… San Diego 2003