ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / March 2, 2012
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

The weeks just fly buy these days! It must feel slow for you guys, just waiting till we post another FPF, but the wait is over! Check out this week’s Five Photo Friday!..

^ This was a nice warm day in San Diego around 2008. Hoang and I had been to this spot in Balboa Park a bunch before, but for some reason we looked at this wall differently. Today we thought we could ride around it. My way had a pretty near impossible run up, so Hoang was up for first attempt. The photo above is the result. Haha, basically the wall is way to bumpy to keep speed through resulting in bouncing off your bike and into the drink. From what I remember I think Hoang actually fell up onto the wall and never ended up wet, just his bike did. Another fun day.

^ This is simply just a photo of a bunch of photos. The photos are from one of our older trips to the NW called the “Shit the Fuck Up” tour. It was deemed that by Rich after he said Shut the Fuck up wrong to someone and it just stuck. We waned to document the trip a little diferently, so we picked up a few polaroid cameras and film and shot everything!

^ 71N! This for some reason is one of my favorite photos. Just something about the day was so good, the trails were fresh, my bike felt amazing, and we were having the best time just slashing around. Chip Riggs shot it, so maybe that’s why it has such a good vibe to it. No tricks just feeling. Casselberry, FL 2009

^ I know very little about this photo other than the fact it’s of Scott Ditchburn and it’s shot at one of the many ramp set ups that Seventies Distribution has had over the years. I think this is one of the first set ups, because if you look close you can see some Etnies artwork from the Backyard Jam ramps.

^ Oldie! Haha, this was a photo for Kyle Harts first bike check when he was on the Skeleton Crew. It’s so good, cause he’s really not this tough! Don’t get me wrong, he could pull a mans femur out of his left ear if he wanted to, but the way he looks so serious in the photo is priceless. It was also saved on my harddrive as “Punk_Rock_Princess” End World Peace, San Diego, Ca 2008