ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / February 10, 2012
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

Yaaahooooo! It’s Friday again. We’ve got Johnny Cash cranked in the office and a new Five Photo Friday for you! Complete randomness in this one, as you can see above. Find out what’s going on in this photo, and see the rest after the jump…

^ I shot this with my phone at our screen printers one night. G.G.S.B. has been printing our stuff for a while now, and recently they’ve started to save test screen, and other weird samples on their wall. This one you can see a few different Subrosa shirts, but also a Shadow Conspiracy design. I think it’s cool.

^ This is The Dude. I was in AZ at the time, and I had just washed the hell out of it. I forget what app I ran the photo through, but I definitely didn’t shoot this with a Sprocket Camera. I cheated, but it still looks badass.

^ This is Russia. Russia is crazy as hell! You could even say it it’s bat shit crazy. Anyway you’ll notice in this picture that we are driving, and passing cars on the right side of the road in the emergency lane. What you can’t see is that we’re going about 50mph. The other obvious thing in the photo is the car on the right of us. It’s not parked. Look under the left rear tire. That’s dust and dirt, because that car is passing us and the truck in front of us on the side of the road. No big deal for Russia.

^ This is Carly and my girlfriend Amelia. You can’t see Amelia because she is in the box. I needed a box this size to wear as part of my Halloween costume, and Amelia was trying it out. I just like the fact that she is just a Subrosa Box Monster of some sorts.

^ This is simply a photo of how sick the Gravedigger tire looks when on it’s inflated on a bike. Super knobby for dirt, but very round and smooth for street. Everybody wins with this tire.