ZINE / FPF: Five Photo Friday

BY: Ryan Sher / February 3, 2012
Zine FPF: Five Photo Friday

Happy 10th Anniversary to our very own FPF! That’s a total of fifty photos on Fridays! Amazing if you ask me, check out this weeks photos below…

^ Long time friend of Subrosa Walker S.D. Ranger sent us this photo of Kyle Hart a while ago. It was shot a San Diego’s sort of secret home made skatepark. I always liked it because it reminds me of a photo that would be BMX Action in 1988. The caption might read… “CW Factory Pilot Kyle Hart wallrides further than humanly possible! Bad Boy Club represent!”

^ Mike Cottle sits comfortably in this T-Bog over the trails of Casselberry. This was shot the day I got a new fisheye lens and was tryin it out. I also got hit a few times, but me and the camera made it out ok. I know you can’t see the jump, but I just really liked how chill Cottle is.

^ Subrosa pro Hoang Tran with a looooonnnnnggg tooth hanger in the streets of L.A. This was shot last summer on a little weekend retreat.

^ Go Pro’s are pretty fun. Not the best camera, but super versatile and waterproof. This day was 69,420 degrees out, so our only riding was in the pool. All we needed was cheetah print floatees to complete the pool look.

^ LaStesus Christ came out to Florida a minute ago, and one day we hit up the Daytona park. A few people had looked at this grind on the outside, but Lahsaan got it done first. He simply said, wanna shoot this? That’s how he rolls.