ZINE / Eric Bahlman X DIG BMX – Hi8

BY: Ryan Sher / September 19, 2018
Video Eric Bahlman X DIG BMX – Hi8

Our friend Eric Bahlman dropped another really awesome Hi-8 edit with DIG BMX. Why is this news? Well it features a ton of Subrosa riders including Joris Coulomb, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Simone Barraco, Kevin Kalkoff, Trey Jones, Jono Hopping, and Lahsaan Kobza!

“​Eric Balham is keeping the Hi8 dream alive once more with another dose of pixels and 90s colors. This time Eric catches clips from the likes of Demarcus Paul, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Mark Burnett and way more. Watch all the way for a Van Homan Criminal Mischief nod. Loving this.

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