ZINE / EF Video with Lahsaan and Mark

BY: Ryan Sher / January 21, 2019
Video EF Video with Lahsaan and Mark

Subrosa riders Lahsaan Kobza and Mark Burnett were out in Barcelona with the whole Everyone’s F’n Crew and they put together a mixed edit from the trip! Tons of heavy hitters in this one including a few clips of fellow Subrosa pro Simone Barraco.

“Phone service non existent, camera batteries dead, bodies on the floor and you can’t get enough. Everyone returned to Barcelona for another year of foolishness, razzle dazzle and occasional pedals. 3 weeks in a hellacious paradise that you could only comprehend if you’ve been. Tickets are already booked… Trevor Sigloch, Mark Burnett, Lahsaan Kobza, Eddie Cuellar, Ricky Rios, Chris Eiland and every one of your favorite Catalonian locals” – Mark