ZINE / Down For Whatever: New York

BY: Ryan Sher / July 25, 2019
Video Down For Whatever: New York

Jabe Jones and Bjarki Hardarson ride and travel together all over the place, and they’ve started to document it for Subrosa with their Down For Whatever series. Here’s their second installment, this time from New York!

Before a recent trip to Oregon, Subrosa riders Jabe Jones and Bjarki Hardarson swung through New York to visit and ride with Subrosa pro Mark Burnett.

The dudes are always riding and filming, so they came back with the second installment of their “Down For Whatever” series.

Featuring Subrosa riders Jabe Jones, and Bjarki Hardarson, as well as clips from Mark Burnett and Lewis Colascione.

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Jabe Jones/ @jabejones
Bjarki Hardarson/ @bjarkihardarson
Mark Burnett/ @mark_burnett

Jabe Jones


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