ZINE / Double blozza!

BY: Ryan Sher / March 29, 2010
Zine Double blozza!

Wow is all I can say so far. Everyone on the trip with us is super rad, and not to mention we’re in Australia! Hoang and I have been over here for a week so far, and still have a week to go. If it stops raining, maybe we’ll actually get to ride too. I saw some wild ass kangaroos, we had a campfire on the “Point Break” beach, and we’ve had ten Domino’s pizza’s delivered every night. Basically the best time ever. We’ve also been camping out every night which has been an experience too. The weather has been good a few times, so we rode some trails, and a few cement parks. The BMX shops we’ve visited so far have been too amazing! They all rep BMX to the fullest, and it’s awesome to see. Check out some more photos below.