ZINE / Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

BY: Ryan Sher / August 26, 2010
Zine Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

“Bryce Toole, Bobby Valentine and myself took a 2 week adventure recently out to New England, and an adventure it sure was.  After going to Bobby’s cousins wedding in New Haven, Connecticut we ventured out to Block Island, Rhode Island for little Bobby’s family vacation get away at his grandparents house. His family was super giving and welcoming. Giving us tons of good food, drinks, fun, laughter, a nice place to lay our heads, and the beach just a walk away. We surfed and just became beach bums for a few days and lived the island life. Once that was over we took the ferry back to the main land and went up to Providence RI. to meet up with Vic who runs Circuit Bmx Shop.

From Providence, Vic hoped in the car and we headed north to New Hampshire’s White Mountains. We had no real plan, Just to hike and camp and see the sites that the beautiful bear country had to offer. The 4 of us had no tent, just sleeping bags and bug spray and the company of each other to stay safe. The first night of camping, while just hanging out next to the fire cooking up some grub, A big full grown Black Bear comes walking into our camping area about 10 feet from us, It was pretty intense and amazing to see right there next to us in the wilderness, The big ol’ fella didn’t want anything to do with us so he just walked on by giving us a little scare..
The next day I woke up to my day of birth, which made this one of the best birthdays i think I’ll ever have. Vic took us to this awesome Rock with a deep pool sorta spot on the river next to it so you can jump in and refresh from the heat, So we did that for a while and then took a hike up to this huge water fall, which was sooo gorgeous and exciting, along with a bit dangerous – Having a huge couple hundred foot drop and being slippery at the top, you really had to watch your step, But needless to say no one fell down.
From the waterfall we took another hike to Frankenstein cliffs, Which I believe was somewhere around 2,200 feet high, This view from the cliffs was something else, it looked like a painting or something.. We ended up hiking this day for about 6 or 7 hours before making it back to the ground and then figuring where to lay our heads for the night. With out much money and ideas of where to stay, We ended up hiking back to the big rock in the river and just sleeping there, watching the shooting stars and hanging next to the fire, It was sure a great end to the White Mountains trip and my birthday.”- Mark Mulville