ZINE / Dig BMX at Swampfest

BY: Ryan Sher / April 11, 2019
Zine Dig BMX at Swampfest

Obviously EVERYONE was at Swampfest this year, and the crew From DIG BMX had a couple guys documenting everything! Check out all the events from the day including the Subrosa Swamp Rail!

“When we discussed the coverage for this year’s Florideah Swampfest with Swamp Daddy, ​Trey Jones, he said he thought it would be cool do a classic Props style report, so we shipped out DIG’s Peter Adam to follow Steve Crandall on the mic, with filming help from Stew Johnson and Lisa Ballard, and they were sent head first into the carnage. Hold onto your hats and enjoy the official video from Astatula, Florida. SLAYEEEERRRRR!

Filmed and edited by Peter Adam
Additional filming by Stew Johnson and Lisa Ballard”