ZINE / Darel Parker

BY: Ryan Sher / November 17, 2009
Zine Darel Parker



This is me and my new Malum Street.

Incidentally, I’m 38 and I haven’t ridden a park or quarter pipe in my life.  At least, not until two days ago.

My wrists hurts, my knee is swollen and I haven’t felt better in years.  Endorphins and caffeine are pumping through every vein, and every muscle and every fiber of my being is screaming “where have you been all this time?”.  The middle class can keep its mid-life crisis.  This is my second childhood.

So thanks for the kick ass bike.  Hit me up if you’re ever in Texas.” -DP

This is fucking rad! Glad to help DP! Check out anouther pic, and a short video of Darel riding his local park.