ZINE / Damian gets a Subrosa surprise!

BY: Ryan Sher / January 18, 2012
Zine Damian gets a Subrosa surprise!

So, randomly driving home from Kings Rideshop a few weekends ago, the Subrosa crew stop to get some “Road Sodas” at a gas station and ran into a kid named Bo. Bo told the crew that it was his homies birthday, and he was a huge Subrosa fan and absolutely loved Hoang Tran. Well that’s all the team needed. They postponed driving home for a bit and headed over to Damian Juarez’s house to give him a huge birthday surprise! Damian turned out to be awesome, and the crew had some fun drinkin beers and shootin the shit with Damian and his friends. Before heading home, Kyle had one more birthday present and gave Damian his frame, fork and bars! Check out the rest of the photos below, and hope ya had a good day Damian!

^ Damian Juarez is Down For Life!

^ Damian shocked to be chillin with Hoang.

^ Bonfire and brews. That’s a good birthday mix.

^ Kyle with his destroyed elbow de-parting his bike for Damian.

^ Damian, his girl, and his new ride.

^ Handicapped autographs.

^ Lahsaan signs the sign.