ZINE / Crucial BMX in Lisbon

BY: Ryan Sher / November 25, 2015
Video Crucial BMX in Lisbon

The dudes over at Crucial BMX and a few team members,including Subrosa rider Emerson Morgan, hit the road and headed out to Lisbon to check out the scene and ride some amazing spots! Check the edit out now!

“We took 3 of our most standout street riders to Lisbon, Portugal for a week to escape the onset of winter weather. What we found was an unbelievable amount of ridable spots, which as far I know, were untouched. While the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative we had loads of fun and look forward to returning again in the future to finish off!

Jordan Godwin
Emerson Morgan
Will Bennett
Scott Summerhayes

Filmed by:
Scott Summerhayes
Emerson Morgan”