ZINE / Cookin’ up some new frames.

BY: Ryan Sher / October 6, 2011
Zine Cookin’ up some new frames.

We’ve got a new batch of frames on the way. Fresh off the jig, here’s a look at Scott Ditchburn’s Balum frame, and Miles Rogoish’s Diablous frame. These will be hitting shops very very soon! Check below for more pics and more details on both frames…

^ Custom cast Subrosa wishbone. Wide contact with the B.B. to prevent bending.

^ Small, 6mm wide hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioner.

^ Built in seat clamp, new smaller, easy to use removable brake mounts, custom Subrosa bridge

^ Balum B.B. shell, smooth and thicker on the bottom from strength and won’t hang up on grinds.

^ Same B.B. on the Diablous. Name and size of frame stamped on the bottom.